Friday, 1 March 2013

Major Events That Require Specialized Catering Services

Special occasions call for specialized catering services. No matter what the occasion is you would always want it to be a special and memorable event. Hiring catering companies in DC has become a norm for corporate catering DC and wedding catering Washington DC. For making any event a great success you would have to hire professionals who know their business and will guarantee a smooth and seamless run of events. Since corporate meetings reflect company’s eminence both to employees and (in the event of guests) outsiders it is vital that the corporate catering DC be executed to perfection WITHOUT any foul-ups.

Wedding ceremonies on the other hand probably rank higher than corporate events as for most people it is once in a life time experience. So these too need to be planned and executed to perfection. With so many catering companies in DC offering wedding catering services in Washington DC, choosing among them may be a pretty daunting undertaking. This holds true due to the fact that most of them, as part of their aggressive marketing strategy claim themselves to be the best in the business.

I would like to add here a few notes based on my personal experience with caterers in Maryland. I have had some wonderful experiences of hiring and witnessing some of the best professional catering services back then.

Take time to select
Short listing is the only way you are going to achieve your ultimate goal of hiring the right catering company to work for you. So, how do you short list? Check professional credentials and business licensing for running a catering business. Check clientele, the more the better. Check for relevant catering experience.

Value addition
Make appointments for interviews find out how good they communicate, do they have any unique ideas that can add value to their catering service and your event.

Mock ups
Find out if they are willing to do mock ups especially for weddings. Weddings are spectacular events and need everything to be timed to perfection. It would be a real blessing if the whole event is rehearsed in advance.


And last but not the least will they be able to pull it off in the budget you are offering.

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